March 20, 2024

Murkowski Welcomes More Than 40 Awards for Climate Projects in Tribal Communities Across Alaska

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, today welcomed the announcement of more than $30.4 million for 42 climate resilience projects in tribal communities in Alaska. These awards, made through funding provided by Congress through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Inflation Reduction Act, and the annual appropriations process, will help tribal communities across the state adapt and bolster their resilience to climate change.

“The selection of more than 40 climate resilience projects across tribal communities in Alaska is a significant step forward in addressing the growing threats and impacts of climate change,” said Vice Chairman Murkowski. “By incorporating Indigenous knowledge and prioritizing community driven initiatives, we can ensure these resources effectively meet the unique needs of each Tribe.”

The entities listed below will receive awardsunder the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Tribal Climate Resilience Annual Awards Program. Alaska received about one-quarter of the total of $120 million in awards announced today. More information is available here.

As Vice Chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, a senior appropriator, and one of the lead negotiators and authors of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Senator Murkowski played a key role in authorizing and providing the funding awarded by DOI.

Alaska Award Recipients

Tribe/Tribal OrganizationPurposeFunding Amount
Ahtna Intertribal Resource CommissionAhtna Territory$248,013.00
Asa’carsarmiut TribeAsa’carsarmiut Adaptation Planning Project$235,000.00
Bristol Bay Native AssociationNew Stuyahok Road and Drainage Improvements Planning Project$106,501.00
Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian TribesTlingit & Haida Feasibility Study for Water Quality Testing in Southeast Alaska$249,804.00
Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian TribesSeacoast Indigenous Guardians Network Data Collection$415,089.00
Chignik Bay Tribal CouncilIndian Creek Bridge and Landfill Road Preliminary Engineering Report$248,989.00
Chignik Bay Tribal CouncilEast Side Electric Distribution System Upgrades Preliminary Engineering Report$249,638.00
Chilkoot Indian Association (Haines)Planning for Resilience – Developing a Climate Adaptation Plan for the Chilkoot Indian Association$234,515.00
Chugach Regional Resources CommissionChugach Imaq – long-term evaluation of the effects of climate change on Indigenous marine mammals in the Chugach region$208,086.00
Chugach Regional Resources CommissionEvaluating subsistence shellfish beaches for future enhancement and clam garden projects$192,435.00
Hoonah Indian AssociationYouth Climate Education and Stewardship in Hoonah$201,795.00
Kawerak, Inc.Bering Strait Climate Adaptation Planning Project: Accelerating Regional Adaptation and Resilience$249,147.00
Ketchikan Indian CommunityClimate Resilient Drinking Water Infrastructure to Support New Affordable Housing Development for the Ketchikan Indian Community$3,944,640.00
Knik TribeStrengthening Knik Tribe’s Co-Stewardship of Aquatic Wildlife Resources in Cook Inlet, Alaska: Gathering Knowledge to Ensure Long-Term Food Sovereignty by Learning from the Past, Taking Stock of the Present, and Planning for the Future$2,870,666.00
Metlakatla Indian Community, Annette Island ReserveClimate Change Adaptation Plan Update, Annette Islands Reserve$155,922.00
Metlakatla Indian Community, Annette Island ReserveMetlakatla Indian Community Tribal Climate Resilience Implementation 2023$1,017,230.00
Native Village of Chenega (aka Chanega)Empowering Tribal Resilience: Floating Wave Attenuation Breakwater Planning and Design for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation$100,140.00
Native Village of ChitinaPlanning for the Native Village of Chitina’s Climate Change needs$244,684.00
Native Village of Diomede (aka Inalik)Plan for the Native Village of Diomede$232,036.00
Native Village of EkwokEkwok Nushagak River Bank Stabilization Project$634,569.00
Native Village of Eyak (Cordova)Climate Resilient Ecosystems and Communities through Mariculture$249,334.00
Native Village of KipnukRMP Coordinator$115,233.00
Native Village of KongiganakKongiganak Erosion Mitigation Preliminary Engineering project$200,000.00
Native Village of KongiganakRMP Coordinator Adaptation project$112,810.00
Native Village of Kwinhagak (aka Quinhagak)Community Resilience to Permafrost Degradation Threats Project$4,000,000.00
Native Village of Kwinhagak (aka Quinhagak)Adaptation Plan Support – Establishing an RMP Coordinator$121,494.00
Native Village of Nelson LagoonNative Village of Nelson Lagoon Shoreline Protection and Water Security$4,000,000.00
Native Village of Nunam IquaResilience Coordination Project$96,038.00
Native Village of PaimiutNative Village of Paimiut Asqinaq Climate Resilience Planning$223,546.00
Native Village of ShishmarefTribal Capacity Building and Adaption Planning: Local Coordinators$150,000.00
Native Village of TuntutuliakImplementing Climate Resilience Strategies$130,000.00
Native Village of TununakCoordination Project$122,898.00
Native Village of UnalakleetTribal Climate Resilience Coordination Project$89,112.00
Nenana Native AssociationRMP Coordinator$135,684.00
Nunakauyarmiut TribeRelocation, Managed Retreat, and Protect in Place Activities Coordination Project$126,898.00
Saint Paul Island (See Pribilof Islands Aleut Communities)Strengthening Indigenous Narratives Through Data Dissemination and High Impact Story Telling within the Indigenous Sentinels Network$249,215.00
Saint Paul Island (See Pribilof Islands Aleut Communities)Erosion Stabilization of Community Cemetery located on Black Bluffs, St. Paul Island, AK$3,530,654.00
Village of ChefornakHome stabilization and construction$4,000,000.00
Village of KotlikTribal Capacity Building and Adaption Planning: Resilience Coordinator$102,861.00
Wrangell Cooperative AssociationEarth Branch Climate Action and Adaptation Plan$222,952.00
Yakutat Tlingit TribeDeveloping a Climate Adaptation Plan through Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Assessments in Yakutat, Alaska$189,219.00
Yakutat Tlingit TribeRestoring a Productive, Traditional Clam Garden to Mitigate Climate Change Impacts in the Intertidal Ankau Saltchucks, Yakutat, Alaska$222,172.00