Introduced Bill Title
03/26/2014 S.2160 Native American Children's Safety Act
03/13/2014 S.2132 Indian Tribal Energy Development and Self-Determination Act Amendments of 2014
02/25/2014 S.2040 Blackfoot River Land Exchange Act of 2014
02/25/2014 S.2041 May 31, 1918 Act Repeal Act
02/06/2014 S.1998 Native Adult Education and Literacy Act of 2014
01/16/2014 S.1948 Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act
12/12/2013 S.1818 Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe - Fish Springs Ranch Settlement Act
10/30/2013 S.1622 Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission on Native Children Act
10/29/2013 S.1603 Gun Lake Trust Land Reaffirmation Act
10/10/2013 S.1570 Indian Health Service Advance Appropriations Act of 2013