Introduced Bill Title
01/28/2013 S.161 Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians Restoration Act of 2013
01/28/2013 S.165 Indian Trust Asset Reform Act
01/28/2013 H.R.623 Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Land Transfer Act
12/17/2012 S.3685 Department of the Interior Tribal Self-Governance Act of 2012
12/13/2012 S.3679 Indian Trust Asset Reform Act
12/04/2012 S.3654 A bill to create equal footing for tribal economic development.
09/19/2012 S.RES.561 A resolution recognizing National Native American Heritage Month and celebrating the heritages and cultures of Native Americans and the contributions of Native Americans to the United States.
09/13/2012 S.3546 A bill to amend the Native American Programs Act of 1974 to reauthorize a provision to ensure the survival and continuing vitality of Native American languages.
09/13/2012 S.3548 Native American Veterans' Memorial Amendments Act of 2012
08/02/2012 S.3504 Native American Indian Education Act of 2012